Over the years, the laborious mastery of artisans has been losing its ancestral tradition, but we love artisan work. Sustainability, local knowledge or respect for materials are their hallmarks, however, we believe that all this is not in opposition to the evolution of time, so the incorporation of new materials, improvement of techniques and use of new technologies in the process opens a new space to creativity.

For all this we like to consider that our work is an art that consists in building the present using our hands.

The history

The origin of our company dates back to 1896 when the first factory was opened in the Barrio de las Letras in Madrid. At that time the name was different, Zurro Gloves, but the passion for work the same from its early origins.

Pulling the thread of the history of our gloves we can tell that the manager of the factory Zurro Gloves married the daughter of Owner to continue the tradition in the development of this garment. Gloves Mario Herrero was the name given by the new owner and so his ad sounded on the radio then: “Mario Herrero, the best glover in the world”.

His fame grew for decades and became the reference glovemaker of the epoch, time in which the gloves were used to give a touch of sophistication to suits and dresses

Mario Herrero died in the 60s without children but the glove tradition was not lost. The factory continued working without losing a bit of its initial intention and in 2001 we appeared, to continue pulling the reins of a business linked to our family, with the desire to continue making gloves in an artisanal way and under the premise that creativity it is intelligence having fun.

We changed the name again and Santacana Complementos was born.

Why gloves

The hands are a part of our body of great importance, are the instruments that we use to be able to make contact with things, with them we express ourselves, we feed, we create and we also love. And the glove is the garment that protects them.

Probably because of their relationship with their hands and what they mean, the glove has that certain romantic touch that has given us memorable moments. In the cinema, for example, with the dance of Rita Hayworth in Gilda or the gloved hands smoking in front of Tiffany’s of “Breakfast with diamonds”; in history with the famous duels of honor and of course in literature because even Don Quixote was challenged with this garment when the giant said to him: “Up, cowardly knight, that my little and narrow glove, in sign and gaje that I’ll wait for you tomorrow ».

His story is fascinating and also the symbolism associated with this garment. In classical Greece the “gloves of death” used in battles, in ancient Egypt in the liturgy, in the Old Testament to close deals, in the Middle Ages as a symbol of ennoblement that was used in feudal investitures or as a liturgical ornament in religious ceremonies. In the Renaissance acquired mainly an ornamental function and also perfumed with all kinds of evocative essences. Such was its role in the traditional European clothing, that until the nineteenth century a woman could not go out without wearing gloves. Fortunately times change and later the woman freed herself from such social imposition.

These garments acquired a symbolic importance that has given rise to phrases that are still used today. We pick up the glove if we accept a challenge or hang them when we give up something. If we go to the hard and without a glove, we do not beat around the bush and when we do something with a white glove we act in an elegant way and without using violence.

The glove has had a presence in history, in its customs and even in the language and when we started in Santacana succumbed to his immortal spirit.

Santacana now

Santacana continues to manufacture leather gloves in an artisanal way. The traditional tools in the manual creation of gloves are present in our factory: the foot of letters (with which the length of the glove is measured in French inch), the dull knife to weed, the chalk that marks the size of the skin , the hand-shaped plate in addition to other tools present during manufacturing.

We try to add value to the functionality of the glove and create a unique and quality product, get out of standardization looking for differentiation.

One of the meanings of the glove throughout history has been the deep and reciprocal link between who gave it and who received it and this spirit is what we want to transmit from Santacana Accessories. A link that is reinforced with the artisan creation and updated design, with the quality of the materials …

A link in response to a vocational impulse and love for the guantero business.

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